Agfa Isolette III

Solinar 75/3.5
I’d bought an Agfa Isolette III in April and hadn’t yet had a chance to try it in sunlight. The first roll, after repairing the shutter and replacing the bellows, was shot under an overcast sky in between rain showers, but this time there was plenty enough sun to fire off a roll of Fuji Acros at EI 100.

Two places I haven’t visited in a year or so: the small fishing dock in Swansea Marina, and Llangyfelach church. The tower is one of three in the area that date back to Norman times.

 photo 130531_acr_01.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_02.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_03.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_04.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_05.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_06.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_07.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_08.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_09.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_10.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_11.jpg

 photo 130531_acr_12.jpg

Among the many others I’ve owned or worked on, I’ve had just one Isolette with a Solinar before, the older version with the 85/4.5, as they don’t often come up at a good price. This one, (£35) needed work to fix a bad repair by the previous owner – they had fitted a wrong lever in the shutter and I had to get a replacement part all the way from New Zealand.

 photo IMGP5306a.jpg

I’ve had a few cameras originally sold in Germany with the dealer’s badge on the back, and this one carries the black and white logo of August Leistenschneider, a photography shop that is still thriving in Dusseldorf. As it’s also a late version Isolette with the 75/3.5 Solinar and Synchro Compur MX shutter, I’ll be keeping it.

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2 Responses to “Agfa Isolette III”

  1. Wesley P Says:

    Nice collection of images. Sharpness=excellent.

  2. Sandeha Lynch Says:

    Cheers, Wesley.

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