Cameras and Stuff

Cameras Current
When possible and appropriate I use a home built 4×5 sheet film view camera.

Otherwise, I use mostly 120 roll film in a TLR or 35mm – both rangefinder and SLR. The choice of what to carry usually depends on what or where I’m shooting. For certain subjects I’ll use a particular lens, or I might want to carry a very quiet camera rather than a motor-drive. Sometimes the choice is quite arbitrary.

Using TLR and viewfinder cameras together offers two different ways of shooting on account of the very different angle of view.

 photo IMGP7528a.jpg

 photo 07_zps8ee0acd9.jpg

 photo IMGP7579a.jpg

 photo IMGP5306a.jpg

 photo IMGP6002.jpg

 photo IMGP6700b.jpg

Cameras Past
Over the years, I have used other formats and cameras from different periods, but I have a soft spot for TLRs and folders.

The Triple Victo was a whole plate camera (6.5″x8.5″) from around 1910. It needed fully rebuilding and new bellows (details: Restoration). I also made a 5×7 reducing back.

The Neretta is a fixed lens camera that I designed in 2003. It’s a point-and-shoot with a 90mm wide angle lens, taking 4×5 sheet film. I sometimes use it with a 6-shot Grafmatic film holder, and sometimes a pinhole in place of the lens.

I also designed and built the following medium and large format cameras (details: Large Format).

I make bellows for the Agfa Isolette and Speedex 6×6 cameras, and also for large format wooden cameras. These are available in Bright Red, Brick Red, Burgundy Red, Royal Blue, Dark Green, Bronze, and Black.

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2 Responses to “Cameras and Stuff”

  1. Mike Connealy Says:

    Nice site. I hadn’t seen the wordpress stuff before. I like the uncluttered look which shows off your work well.

  2. sandeha Says:

    Cheers, Mike. I really wanted to get away from text for a while and just see which images could stand together.

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