Found Film

A collection of shots from rolls of film found in abandoned cameras. I got most of these from market stalls or eBay purchases and developed the film myself. Most of them must be from the 1950s or 1960s. Three of the shots were taken using 6.5x9cm glass plate negatives and these may be older, though glass was still in use quite late. The rest are mostly on 120 roll film. The happy couple on the bus was perhaps shot in Wales as this is where I bought the camera, but there is really no way of knowing.

 photo 05_vag_boots_zps18068340.jpg

 photo glass_boots.jpg

 photo adox_r17_02.jpg

 photo adox_r17_09.jpg

 photo adox_r17_14.jpg

 photo ektachrome160_04.jpg

 photo ektachrome160_7fx.jpg

 photo fp3_03.jpg

 photo fp3_05.jpg

 photo fulvue1.jpg

 photo fulvue3.jpg

 photo fulvue4.jpg

 photo glass_car.jpg

 photo glass_street.jpg
 photo kodacolorII_06.jpg

 photo kodak02.jpg

 photo kodak03.jpg

 photo kodak04.jpg

 photo kodak05.jpg

 photo kodak15.jpg

 photo kodak17.jpg

 photo kodak18.jpg

 photo kodak19.jpg

 photo kodak20.jpg

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