Medals and Relief Sculpture

The history of relief art has interested me for a long time, partly on account of its use for experimental and exploratory work. It has a parallel in black and white photography as the medium can be used to emphasise light and form. The following pieces represent a small selection over a thirty year period.

A price list for current medals is available on my website:

 photo IMGP7889a.jpg

 photo See Us.jpg

 photo looknfc_03aa.jpg

 photo tbnfc_03.jpg

Poetical Fictions.  2015, bronze version. photo IMGP6454a.jpg

Poetical Fictions. 2015, 69x45mm, pewter. photo IMGP6361a.jpg

Aikenhead Award Medal.  2015, 98x67mm, bronze. photo IMGP6291ab.jpg

Laid Back.  2015, high polish bronze version. photo IMGP6463a.jpg

 photo IMGP6338a.jpg

Curling.  2015, 57cm photo IMGP6270a-1.jpg

Ganesha. 2003, 10cm photo 24.jpg

Reclining Buddha. 2003, 15cm photo 23.jpg

All in Moderation. 1998, 250mm photo 18.jpg

 photo llewellyn_the_great_copy.jpg

 photo millennium_prophet_copy.jpg

The Last Invasion of Britain. 1996, 200mm photo 17.jpg

William Smellie. 1995, 200mm photo 16.jpg

 photo 28.jpg

A Man and a Woman. 1994, 85mm photo 09.jpg

No Peace. 1994, 85mm photo 08.jpg

Asterix and Obelix. 1993, 75mm photo 06.jpg

There's a lot of it about. 1988, 27x27cm photo 13.jpg

 photo the_gate.jpg

And After Dinner We Can Watch The News. 1988, 40x40cm photo 12.jpg

 photo 03.jpg

cubist_token photo 04.jpg
Medal Commemorating the Victims of Apartheid. 1986, 110mm photo 03.jpg

86_topless bottoma

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