Cardiff Naked Bike Rides

The Cardiff Naked Bike Ride attracts about a hundred and fifty people who ride around the city to promote ecological thinking and safe road use. Lots of paint, flowers, slogans, and fun.

Cardiff 2017
 photo 170617_ek1_04.jpg

 photo 170617_ek1_03.jpg

 photo 170617_ph4_02.jpg

 photo 170617_ph4_03.jpg

 photo 170617_ph4_04.jpg

 photo 170617_ph4_05.jpg

 photo 170617_ph4_11.jpg

 photo 170617_ph4_12.jpg

 photo 170617_ph4_08.jpg

 photo 170617_ph4_09.jpg

 photo 170617_ph4_01.jpg

Cardiff 2016
 photo 160601_proh1_01a.jpg

 photo 160601_proh1_02.jpg

 photo 160601_proh1_03.jpg

 photo 160601_proh1_12.jpg

 photo 160601_proh1_11.jpg

 photo 160601_proh1_08.jpg

 photo 160601_proh1_04.jpg

 photo 160601_proh2_01.jpg

 photo 160601_proh2_02.jpg

 photo 160601_proh2_03.jpg

 photo 160601_proh2_07.jpg

 photo 160601_proh2_08.jpg

 photo 160605_acr_02.jpg

 photo 160605_acr_04.jpg

 photo 160605_acr_06.jpg

 photo 160605_acr_10.jpg

 photo 160605_acr_09.jpg

 photo 160605_acr_08.jpg

 photo 160605_acr_07.jpg

 photo 160605_acr_11.jpg

 photo 160605_acr_12.jpg

 photo 160605_ekt_01.jpg

Cardiff 2015
 photo 150607_ekt4_10.jpg

 photo 150607_ekt4_08.jpg

 photo 150607_ekt4_06.jpg

 photo 150607_ekt4_05.jpg

 photo 150607_ekt4_03.jpg

 photo 150607_trix_06.jpg

 photo 150607_trix_08.jpg

 photo 150607_trix_09.jpg

 photo 150607_trix_11.jpg


 photo 150607_trix_05.jpg

 photo 150607_trix_04.jpg

 photo 150607_trix_01.jpg

 photo 150607_trix_02.jpg

 photo 150607_trix_03.jpg

 photo 150607_trixb_02.jpg

 photo 150607_trixb_03.jpg

 photo 150607_trixb_04.jpg

 photo 150607_trixb_06.jpg

 photo 150607_trixb_09.jpg

Cardiff 2014
 photo 140614_trixb_10.jpg

 photo 140614_trixa_10.jpg

 photo 140614_trixa_11.jpg

 photo 140614_trixa_12.jpg

 photo 140614_trixb_02.jpg

 photo 140614_trixb_04.jpg

 photo 140614_trixb_05.jpg

 photo 140614_trixb_06.jpg

 photo 140614_trixb_07.jpg

 photo 140614_trixb_08.jpg

 photo 140614_trixb_09.jpg

 photo 140614_trixc_20.jpg

 photo 140614_trixc_22.jpg

 photo 140614_trixc_26.jpg

 photo 140614_trixc_27.jpg

 photo 140614_trixc_30.jpg

 photo 140614_trixc_31.jpg

 photo 140614_trixd_21.jpg

 photo 140614_trixd_26.jpg

 photo 140614_trixd_27.jpg

Cardiff 2013
 photo 130615_neo4_01.jpg

 photo 130615_neo4_02.jpg

 photo 130615_neo4_03.jpg

 photo 130615_neo4_04.jpg

 photo 130615_neo4_05.jpg

 photo 130615_neo4_06.jpg

 photo 130615_neo4_07.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_08.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_12.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_13.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_14.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_17.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_18.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_19.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_21.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_22.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_26.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_27.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_28.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_29.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_33.jpg

 photo 130615_trix8_37.jpg

 photo 130615_trneo4_08.jpg

 photo 130615_ttneo4_11.jpg

Rolleiflex 621, Leica M2.

Cardiff 2012

 photo 120609_acr_08.jpg

 photo 120609_acr_09.jpg

 photo 120609_acr_10.jpg

 photo 120609_acr2_03.jpg

 photo 120609_acr2_04.jpg

 photo 120609_acr2_05.jpg

 photo 120609_acr2_06.jpg

 photo 120609_acr2_07.jpg

 photo 120609_acr2_10.jpg

 photo 120609_acr2_12.jpg

 photo 120609_real_02.jpg

 photo 120609_real_05.jpg

 photo 120609_sup2_14.jpg

 photo 120609_sup2_17.jpg

 photo 120609_sup2_19_zps17ede477.jpg

 photo 120609_sup2_25.jpg

 photo 120609_sup2_27.jpg

Rolleiflex 621, Holga, Oly XA-2.

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