The following shots were all taken within one square kilometre, a rather special patch of ground in the hills of south Wales. It is a micro environment and quite different from the surrounding landscape.

I have been shooting here since 2005 and go back in different seasons with different cameras and lenses, each time noting some new perspective on the grass, the rocks, and the trees. The cameras have included large format and pinhole, as well as some digital.

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2 Responses to “Pal-y-Cwrt”

  1. Clive Ryan Says:

    Hi Sandeha
    I love your images of Pal y Cwrt.
    I have been going to Pal y Cart most weeks since 1974 it’s a very special place to me
    Keep taking the pictures

  2. Sandeha Lynch Says:

    Hi Clive – it’s great to hear that. I was up there last month for the first time this year but I still have to finish the roll. Many thanks.

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