I’ve used a number of different 120 roll film cameras for pinhole. The pinhole conversions are usually quite simple – you take out the lens and swap it with a prepared pinhole, usually made from metal sheet. I’ve also used 4″x5″ film, which is very satisfying as the images can be very sharp. Otherwise I design new cameras around proprietary film backs like the Hasselblad A12 or the Mamiya RB67. Larger versions can be found here: Pinhole.

 photo 160829_acr_03.jpg

 photo 160829_acr_04.jpg

 photo 160829_acr_08.jpg

 photo 160829_acr_09.jpg

 photo 160829_acr_05.jpg

 photo 160815_acr2_05.jpg

 photo 160815_acr2_03.jpg

 photo 160815_acr1_07.jpg

 photo 130815_acr1_04.jpg

 photo 130815_acr1_05.jpg

 photo 160806_fp4_02.jpg

 photo 160806_fp4_04.jpg

 photo 160806_fp4_10.jpg

 photo 160730_lom1_01.jpg

 photo 160730_lom1_02.jpg

 photo 160730_lom1_03.jpg

 photo 160730_panf_04.jpg

 photo 160730_panf_06.jpg

 photo 160730_panf_09.jpg

 photo 160727_fp4_01.jpg

 photo 160727_fp4_05.jpg

 photo 160727_fp4_06.jpg

 photo 160727_fp4_09.jpg

 photo 160718_fp4_02.jpg

 photo 160718_fp4_10.jpg

 photo 160718_fp4_08.jpg

 photo 160718_fp4_07.jpg

 photo 160718_fp4_06.jpg

 photo 160718_fp4_11.jpg

 photo 160623_apx_04.jpg

 photo 160623_apx_01.jpg

 photo 160623_apx_02.jpg

 photo 160623_apx_03.jpg

 photo 160601_fp4_03.jpg

 photo 160601_fp4_01.jpg

 photo 160601_fp4_02.jpg

 photo 160605_ekt_01.jpg

 photo 160605_ekt_02a.jpg

 photo 130526a_tmx_01.jpg

 photo 130526a_tmx_02.jpg

 photo 130526a_tmx_03.jpg

 photo 130526a_tmx_08.jpg

 photo 130526a_tmx_09.jpg

 photo 130428_era1_01a.jpg

 photo 121103_ns160_06.jpg

 photo 121103_ns160_07.jpg

 photo 130331_f160_02.jpg

 photo 130331_f160_04.jpg

 photo 130331_f160_07.jpg

 photo 130331_f160_08.jpg

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