Toy Cameras

With simple, single lens cameras, you can also have fun by turning the lens around as this will give a point of sharp focus in the centre while everything around it blurs.

Disposable cameras from the supermarket can also get down and funky if you process the colour film as black & white. And for a Holga plasti-cam with plasti-lens little adjustment is needed bar an elastic band to keep the back from falling off.

For more fun you can use a roll of 35mm film in a 120 film camera to create a panorama, though the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (VUWS) is a lot less hassle and perhaps more interesting with its 22mm lens. And a Holga with flash can be very effective at close quarters.

The shots below show some of the variety of toys I’ve played with since 2003.


Reversed Lens

Disposable Camera

120-35mm Panocam


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