Agfa Isolette with Voigtlander Meniscus and Fuji Acros
Leica M2 and Trix

 photo 140929b_acr_08.jpg

 photo 140929_acr_01.jpg

 photo 140929_acr_06.jpg

 photo 140929_acr_07.jpg

 photo 140929_acr_08.jpg

 photo 140929_acr_10.jpg

 photo 140929_trx_02.jpg

 photo 140929_trx_06.jpg

 photo 140929_trx_25.jpg

 photo 140929_trx_29.jpg

 photo 140929_trx_35.jpg

 photo 140929_trx_37.jpg

Leica M2 and Neopan 400
Rolleiflex 621 and Trix at 800

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